As telangana approaches its tenth anniversary since its inception in 2014, the celebration has devolved into a clash between former chief minister kcr and incumbent chief minister revanth Reddy. kcr, Telangana's first chief minister and president of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), has scheduled a three-day celebration beginning with a candlelight march on june 1, followed by official celebrations at telangana Bhavan on june 2 and district-level festivities on june 3. 

He emphasised his government's efforts in creating telangana a model state. Meanwhile, chief minister revanth reddy is planning lavish festivities, which would most likely include a visit to delhi to welcome sonia gandhi and a public meeting at Parade Grounds. The ceremony will include the introduction of the official telangana anthem and music created by Keeravani.

This is considered as a matter of pride for the Congress, which is celebrating its first anniversary since assuming power in 2014. The state's Chief Secretary has announced preparations for a major celebration on june 2, which would include tributes, cultural performances, a funfair and fireworks at Tank Bund. revanth Reddy's present position as chief minister, with the support of the state government, provides him a distinct advantage against kcr, who is still suffering from electoral setback in assembly elections and lacks strong morale among his party supporters. In this environment, kcr cannot outshine revanth Reddy.

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