Virat kohli, Team India's talismanic star, is expected to miss the first warm-up game against bangladesh ahead of the highly anticipated t20 World Cup, which has become a hot issue. According to media sources, kohli may be taking a mini-break before of the tournament and would thus miss the first warm-up game against Bangladesh.
While kohli may have his reasons for this, there is also a parallel discussion. A few supporters have commented that kohli is casual about his national duty. "Kohli missed the england series before the IPL due to personal reasons. However, he gave his all to RCB throughout the IPL campaign. Now that the IPL is over, he's taking another rest until the World Cup. "This is the pinnacle of selfishness," a distraught admirer said.
However, it should be highlighted that this agony has no credibility. For starters, no one is more enthusiastic about the indian team than kohli, and his innings for the team demonstrate this. Missing a warm-up game must not be a huge thing if he comes out strong in the main competition. netizens are commenting that kohli should play the warm up game to assess the conditions and slow nature of the pitches.


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