Not only do famous heroes' endeavours matter, but so must their appearances. These days, the true excitement begins with the appearance itself. prabhas looked better than he did at the kalki auto launch ceremony at RFC. prabhas is a celebrity who is struggling with his appearance, both on and off film. He clearly requires a thorough makeover, considering he is now the largest pan-India star. Ignoring his looks makes no sense.
NTR drew mixed reviews to his Devara look. Many people believe that his long hair did not fit him, and the costumes have garnered mixed reviews thus far. While his admirers like it, some are less enthused. But it isn't over yet. To reach any judgements, we must first wait and watch it on the big screen in a full-length film.

He is now filming war 2 with a buzz cut, although we have yet to see the official look. For the time being, ram Charan's appearance remains unchanged. Many leaked photos from the Game Changer session show him in his usual uninterested demeanour. He may modify his appearance when he begins filming for Buchi Babu's film, although there is no evidence of this so yet.

In terms of appearance, allu arjun is now portraying himself in the best light. He is wearing the pushpa avatar and completely deserved his title of "Stylish Star." There are no complaints about his lengthy beard, which is appropriate for his age. mahesh babu has recently been spotted sporting a hat to disguise his lengthy hair. 

He has received harsh criticism for his appearance in recent flicks. Despite the fact that he is widely regarded as the most attractive star in the telugu film business, no director has been able to capture his full potential. Everyone hopes rajamouli puts a stop to this disappointment.

Not only are fans concerned about the main hero's appearance, but producers are as well, having spent crores on these ventures. However, they stay tight-lipped about the input they may provide to these celebrity idols.

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