The Lack of special status is the curse of ap governance..!?

-No Development in ap in the last ten years. 

- if ap had gotten a special status, the situation would have changed.

-CM jagan worked hard for special status for AP but there were no positive results from the Centre. 

Even after 10 years of separation of ap and telangana from the united andhra pradesh, there is criticism that there has not been any development in andhra pradesh to the extent expected in the last 10 years. Opinions are being expressed that this situation is due to the lack of special status for AP. Comments from the netizens say that if ap had gotten a special status, this situation would have already changed.


There is a discussion among the people of ap that the lack of special status is the curse of ap governance. As per the assurances given in 2014 itself, if the special status had been given, tens of companies would have already come to the state. The future of ap youth is golden. The Center provides financial assistance to the states with special status in the form of grants and provides 90 percent funding for central government schemes and subsidies for setting up industries. Through incentives, tax concessions, and loan repayment deferrals, the state will be able to develop economically and industrially. Whichever state has special status, that state gets more benefits compared to other states. The special status of ap can be said to be Sanjeevani. However, some states may get special benefits based on the recommendations of the Planning Commission.


Although cm jagan worked hard for special status for ap, there were no positive results from the Centre. Special status will be given to the states suffering from backwardness. If special status is given in the future, there are chances that the face of ap will change. It remains to be seen what will happen in ap in the coming days against the backdrop of the bjp coming to power at the Center once again. Jagan still believes in special status. Comments show that ap is behind by ten years due to a lack of special status.

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