The phone tapping case involving former Deputy Commissioner of police (DCP) Radhakishan Rao has yielded some shocking results. His confession statement has revealed various fresh details about this case, which has already become a national phenomenon. The most important disclosures relate the suspected purchase of four BRS (Bharat Rashtra Samithi) MLAs, which sheds fresh light on the BRS's political manoeuvres and law enforcement activities.

According to Radhakishan Rao's evidence, it was previously thought that the bjp sought to purchase four BRS MLAs during the Munugodu byelection. However, he has admitted that the bjp only approached pilot Rohit Reddy. After realising this, BRS chairman k. chandrashekar rao (KCR) directed that three additional MLAs from various socioeconomic classes be added in the scenario. This manoeuvre was part of KCR's bigger plot to frame bjp National General Secretary B.L. Santosh, a key actor in the mla purchase case, and use it to bargain with the federal government to clear his daughter kavitha of liquor scam accusations.

Radhakishan Rao's confession reveals that kcr used the police force to his advantage, operating with impunity. This abuse of police power, notably in violation of the Telegraph Act, has sparked a strong outcry. The people of telangana have demonstrated their opposition to such arrogance and abuse of authority. These developments emphasise the complex and often opaque political methods at work, as well as the extent political leaders will go to secure their positions and preserve their interests.

These discoveries are likely to have far-reaching consequences for both the BRS and Telangana's political scene. His plan of action has entirely failed. KCR's relations with the bjp have soured, and kavitha remains in Tihar.

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