Will the New government stand by the victims of Uddanam..!?

-Not getting treatment for kidney diseases at the right time.

-Jagan government has made key decisions to solve the problems of kidney sufferers in Uddanam districts.

-More development programs are to be undertaken.

People living in the state of Andhra Pradesh need no special introduction to the Uddanam region. It is known that no matter how much is said about the stories of Uddanam kidney sufferers, it will be less. Not getting treatment for kidney diseases at the right time, not being able to afford the treatment, and not being able to go to far places for treatment are not all the problems. In the last five years, the jagan government has made key decisions to solve the problems of kidney sufferers in Uddanam districts. Apart from permitting the construction of many super specialty hospitals, the ap government has increased the amount of pension hugely. Even though a massive effort has been made to treat kidney diseases, the suffering of people suffering from kidney diseases has not been fully resolved.


The comments indicate that it would be better if key decisions were taken to provide a permanent solution to the problems of kidney patients. It is noteworthy that 37 percent of the people living in Uddanam are suffering from kidney disease and 21 percent of them have been suffering from the disease for more than 10 years. Even though jagan Sarkar breathed a sigh of relief, more development programs are to be undertaken.


The people of Uddanam area have been suffering from this problem for the past 4 decades. The sufferers here say that kidney disease eats away at the wool. It seems that the correct causes of kidney diseases have not been found so far. Chandrababu and Pawan expressed their love for Uddanam on different occasions but could not do anything with their hands. It has to be seen whether the new government that will be formed in a few days will stand by the victims of Uddanam identify the correct cause of the disease and solve the problem. It remains to be seen what kind of twists and turns will take place in the coming days regarding the Uddanam issue.

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