Everyone is in a frenzy over reports that cricketer hardik pandya and model Natasa Stankovic are about to dissolve their four-year marriage. As curiosity intensifies, Stankovic's name is being dragged through the mud. Suddenly, she's the gold digger, the lady who will take 70% of Pandya's assets.

I'm not shocked. I am bored. women are consistently vilified or portrayed as money-grabbing spouses. Nothing has changed. malaika Arora's marriage to arbaaz khan terminated in 2017. Even A-lister karisma kapoor was not spared when she left Sunjay Kapur. Many people continue to blame Sussanne Khan for her breakup with Hrithik Roshan, even though the two appear to be excellent friends in public.  All of these ladies have careers, admirers, and followers. However, this does not insulate them from malicious slander.

The unfortunate aspect is that this does not just apply to the glittery and beautiful celebrity world. In india, where marriage is a religious fixation, women are blamed for divorce. When a marriage fails, people begin to question the lady and her intentions, including neighbors, family, and even so-called friends.

Typical Witch Hunt
There is no proof that Stankovic and Pandya are getting divorced. However, many others are pointing out signs. Stankovic has erased Pandya's surname from Instagram.  A journalist questioned her about the divorce, and she declined to comment. She did not appear in any IPL matches.
The meme factory has kicked into overdrive. One person proposes that marriage and divorce are fantastic business ideas for women who want to get rich rapidly.  'Marry a wealthy guy, have children with him, and then divorce him and seek for property.
It reveals the true face of civilization. people get fascinated with other people's lives and cast judgment, particularly on women.

People have transformed into Sherlock Holmes on their own to analyze the famous couple's marriage. They claim Natasa removed the instagram photos and Pandya failed to wish his wife a happy birthday. These are cheap assumptions, stalking at the school level. It is disgusting that adults engage in such behavior.
This is a classic witch hunt that begins as a wealthy man's marriage is ready to collapse. In the Pandya-Stankovic case, we don't even know if there will be a divorce. People's need to learn everything about a famous person is not new. social media has only encouraged this behavior. What's awful is that instead of condemning this public humiliation, individuals joyfully participate in it.

Malaika Arora was accused of ending her marriage for career reasons, and she was also chastised for her connection with arjun Kapoor, a younger guy. karisma kapoor was accused of not being able to balance her professional and personal life. people questioned her parenting abilities as well.
Sussanne Khan was also questioned for seeking a settlement. Society always questions women, regardless of who is to blame. But nobody discusses how males choose to marry younger women. If a relationship between two people terminates, both parties bear equal responsibility. However, in indian society, women are the villains.

When sushant singh rajput committed suicide, rhea chakraborty faced a media trial. She was referred to as a witch and other such terms. Nothing was confirmed, yet she was seen as a villain by many.
Shweta Tiwari, a television star, has faced criticism for each of her divorces. people on the internet said she couldn't handle her marriage.
Society cannot comprehend that women are standing up for themselves and are no longer willing to remain in poisonous relationships as they once did.

Stankovic and Pandya have received a lot of attention in the past. Pandya and Stankovic became engaged in january 2020, at which point their romance gained popularity. Even then, Stankovic was mocked—many people could not think a fair-skinned model could fall in love with a dark-skinned batsman.
Stanković is a Serbian actor and model. She moved to india to pursue a career in Bollywood. She is most known for her performance in the dance number "Aiyo Ji" from Satyagraha (2013).
Another allegation has it that all of this is a PR gimmick to boost Pandya's image. Whatever it is, the indian public must quit interfering in people's private lives. Give them some slack.

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