It is commonly acknowledged that sexual exploitation of girls under the premise of providing film acting chances is widespread. Countless girls go from all across the state to live in hostels while looking for work. Initially, they aspire to be heroines, but they eventually realise that even minor parts, such as sidekicks to heroines, can satisfy.
However, due to a lack of needed ability and appearance, they frequently end up with no opportunities. At this point, they meet guys who compliment them and offer to land them jobs.

They cling to such hopes and may even become involved with these individuals, unaware of the deadly error they are committing.
These men gradually expose the ladies to 'queen pins'—some senior character painters in the film business. Because these queen pins are women and have a clean, popular image, the girls begin to trust them and believe they are in good hands.
These 'queen pins' slowly begin brainwashing them on how to thrive in the film business and attract directors and producers. They encourage the females to be socially active by visiting parties and bars where prominent financiers, producers, and directors are present.

In the process, these queen pins arrange for such ladies to attend telugu Association gatherings in the United States, which are sponsored by certain NRIs, birthday celebrations in goa and Bengaluru, and other such activities. Finally, the role assigned to these queen pins is to bring females to them, for which they are well compensated.
These females don't feel intimidated or compelled to spend time with other guys since they've already been indoctrinated into believing it's all part of professional development.
However, the girls are unaware that law and order come first and foremost. Their lives will be shattered if they are apprehended during a drug raid.

They may believe they are not into drugs, but some individuals force them to ingest drugs in the form of a few puffs of smoke or a tablet in a soft drink.
Some girls believe it acceptable to use drugs after seeing prominent individuals or their own queen pins do so, and as a result, they get addicted.
Forget about acting; many girls are destroying their lives via drugs and the flesh trade in the hopes of becoming cinematic stars.
They are unaware that the flesh trade is a low-self-esteem, high-risk environment populated by guys with cruel attitudes and perversions. All of this costs them nothing but a few dollars. When they reach the end of their prime, they are cruelly discarded.

A prominent film actress was arrested a few years ago for ordering a female to wear tight pants in order to attract males. She was also spotted encouraging such females to join the flesh trade.
Once the sting operation was discovered, the queen pin actress disappeared, which harmed her career as well.
In the realm of movies, women are always the major targets, and one must be extra cautious to keep their ambitions and hopes under control.
This sounds an alarm for both the girls and the queen pins, since both are women who have been brainwashed and drunk by the lecherous males around them.

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