Elections are over in AP. All the leaders are eagerly waiting for the election results. Their entire fate will be revealed on june 4. At such a moment, trains are running in the hearts of candidates who have contested in 175 assembly constituencies and 25 parliamentary seats. They still don't know where the people actually voted. They want to go abroad and chill, but they are tormented by the agony of winning or losing. At the same time many parties are conducting their own internal surveys. President Jaganmohan reddy openly said that we will come to power.

 But tdp leaders are very silent. It seems that the tdp leadership has conducted internal surveys in this order. In this survey, they have made some calculations. And how many seats are they going to get? Let's see the details.. It seems that telugu desam party has conducted two internal surveys. One of these is the survey which was completed till april 20th.. It has been revealed that the alliance is likely to win 115 seats out of 175 seats. This survey was conducted in only 80 constituencies.

They are expected to win at least 70 seats. After conducting the survey, they took the latest aspects of the Land Titling Act to the public. They estimated that the voter turnout increased by one or two percent due to this. After the election, if we look at what they all discussed, it is expected that they will get 130 to 135 seats with a two percent increase in votes, who were expected to get 115 seats before the election. That is why chandrababu naidu is doing his work silently. If this is true then YSP should roll the carpet.

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