Kajal Aggarwal returns to telugu cinema as a solo protagonist in satyabhama, which opens on june 7, 2024. She discusses playing cop, parenthood, action scenes, upcoming projects, and her 17-year career. Here's the transcript.

Cop roles are a dime a dozen. What made you choose Satyabhama?
I began listening to the subject with the same intention. However, director Suman Chikka and producer Sasi kiran Tikka crafted the lead's persona in such a way that she is both real and vulnerable. She had her vulnerabilities, which drew me in. Though she is a serious officer, the way she uniquely handles the problem is pretty amazing, which prompted me to say yes to the film.
Was it difficult to play a cop?
I've done action flicks in the past. But performing an action picture, especially after a maternity leave, was difficult. I was a new mother, and getting the action moments right was difficult for me. But, to establish a point, I went all out and performed the feats by myself. Working on satyabhama has been one of the most difficult experiences I've had to date.
How different is satyabhama from other thrillers?
Satyabhama is a cop thriller that does not overload you with elaborate details. It also tests the audience's intelligence by keeping them guessing until the very end. The storyline is a little intricate, but that is Satyabhama's specialty, and it will keep the audience engaged.
What was the toughest scene in the film?
The conclusion was the most difficult to shoot. I spent 10 days rehearsing the action blocks. The schedule was hectic, and the stress of the emotions I felt in this moment took its toll on me. It was a planned shot that lasted many days, but we executed it with precise planning.

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