The countdown has begun for thousands of pupils who recently passed the Class X exams. In a few days, these youngsters will begin a new chapter in their academic journey as they enter junior colleges. According to the academic calendar released by the telangana State Board of Intermediate education (TG BIE), all junior colleges will begin the academic year 2024-25 on june 1.

Classes for both first and second-year intermediate students will begin on Saturday, with a total of 227 working days and 75 holidays.
While private and corporate junior colleges completed the majority of their admissions before the TG BIE released the admission notification on May 8, government junior colleges were far behind.
In reality, several government junior colleges have yet to begin the admissions process since their staff members are participating in the intermediate public advanced supplemental exams.

According to authorities, the whole admission procedure will not begin until after the intermediate supplemental tests are completed on june 3.
According to the schedule, the first wave of admissions will expire on june 30. In terms of affiliation, the TG BIE has so far approved 2,353 junior colleges, comprising 421 government junior colleges and 601 private unaided junior colleges across the state.
Over 420 private junior colleges operating in mixed occupancy (commercial and educational) facilities have yet to acquire Board permission.

These colleges should be required to get a no objection certificate from the fire department before acquiring affiliation. However, GO 29, which mandated fire NOC, was put on hold for two academic years, ending in 2023-24.
According to authorities, connection with junior colleges operating in mixed occupancy buildings will henceforth be considered after consulting with the fire department. parents and children are recommended to enrol at colleges affiliated with the Board. A list of connected colleges is provided on the website

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