The BJP's telangana branch sought former chief minister K. chandrasekhar Rao's arrest and prosecution on Tuesday, following the arrest of a former police officer in the phone tapping case that revealed shocking details. bjp spokesman N. V. Subhash questioned why the congress administration has not arrested the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader despite proof of his participation in phone tapping.
He described phone tapping as the BRS's largest swindle, alleging involvement by the kcr family and police personnel close to them.
He said that the congress government's failure to take action in the matter demonstrates collusion between the BRS and Congress.

The bjp spokesperson said that the admissions of the police officials demonstrate that the BRS administration harassed various bjp leaders. He said that a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigation would reveal the truth.
BJP General Secretary bandi sanjay kumar described KCR's acts as a "disgrace" to democracy.
"Phone tapping conducted under the BRS regime is worse than an emergency. "This is a violation of constitutional and human rights," he added, adding that KCR's fear of the bjp has come to light.
He was reacting to the purported confession of former Deputy Commissioner of police Radha Kishan Rao, one of the suspects in the case.

The former DCP detailed how the previous BRS administration, led by kcr, utilised the Special Intelligence Bureau (SIB) to tap the phones of opposition party leaders, businesspeople, and even BRS dissidents.
Sanjay stated that Radha Kishan Rao's confession confirms his prior allegations regarding KCR's participation.
"It is clear today that kcr sought to construct the mla poaching case as a quid pro quo to protect his own daughter, who was involved in the liquor fraud. It's a pity that kcr and his crew haven't even spared couples' private talks. kcr, as someone who took an oath to uphold the Constitution, has not only broken the law but also trampled citizens' fundamental rights," he stated.

The bjp leader said that the BRS Chief is unsuitable to occupy any constitutional position, including that of an mla, and should be barred from running for office.
Along with kcr, all individuals implicated in phone-tapping from the BRS party should be punished and expelled from public office. It is important to consider prohibiting BRS membership.
"Why isn't the congress government arresting kcr in the face of strong evidence? Why hasn't prabhakar Rao, the primary accused, been brought back from the United States?" He inquired.
Sanjay believes that the arrest of former SIB Chief prabhakar Rao will expose further information regarding the BRS government's unethical activities.

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