Ranveer Singh and director Prasanth varma were meant to work on the Hindi-Telugu bilingual film “Rakshas.” Reports indicate that Ranveer departed the project owing to creative disagreements, quitting after three days of filming, apparently on the recommendation of someone close to him. ranveer singh chased director Prasanth varma for this movie, forcing him to postpone other telugu projects in order to accommodate Rakshas.
Ranveer was eager and filmed for three days in Hyderabad, expressing happiness with the results. However, he unexpectedly left the production with no reason, much to the surprise of the film's crew. Ranveer Singh's most recent flicks, 83, Jayeshbhai Jordaar, and Cirkus, have all been disappointments. Although rocky Aur rani Ki prem Kahani was a commercial success, karan johar and alia bhatt received the most of the credit. He is in dire need of a big hit to help his career.

Previous projects, like the Aparichitudu remake with shankar and the Shaktimaan adaption with Minnal murali director Basil Joseph, have also been cancelled. Losing Rakshas means losing another possible comeback opportunity. Prasanth varma regarded collaborating with Ranveer as an opportunity to advance his career. After delivering a recent hit, varma was primed to gain greatly from a successful partnership with a huge actor like Ranveer. Prasanth varma has also suffered greatly as a result of the project's shelving.

While both ranveer singh and Prasanth varma face severe disadvantages as a result of Rakshas' shelving, Ranveer looks to be at a larger disadvantage. He has had a string of disappointments and no potential projects lined up, making this setback even more significant to his career. On the other side, Prasanth varma, who is riding high on the success of Hanu Man, is sure to find many heroes ready to collaborate with him. Finally, it is a major loss for both, but especially for Ranveer, who desperately needs a hit to reestablish his foothold in the business.

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