Will People's dream of the vamsadhara project be fulfilled..!?

-If the focus is put on the vamsadhara project, it will be good for Uttarandhra.
-The vamsadhara project was launched in 2005
-Vamsadhara project with the agreement of both states.

Assembly and parliament elections are going on in the state of Andhra Pradesh. With the election results coming on june 4, everyone is in tension as to which party will come to power. However, this party has come to power, and the welfare of the farmers and the hardships of the common people should be met. The people of ap want such a government. But as soon as the new government comes into ap, if the focus is put on the vamsadhara project, it will be good for Uttarandhra.
Vamsadhara Uplift Project was launched to provide water to backward areas in Uttarandhra. The Jaganmohan reddy government has already allocated a budget of around 200 crores for this scheme. But things are going slowly. If this project is completed, the backward areas of srikakulam and Parvathipuram Manyam districts will get irrigation water as well as drinking water. Officials say that through the vamsadhara upliftment scheme that transfers water from the Gotta barrage to the Hira mandal reservoir, the lands that have not been used for agriculture for several decades in the two districts will be brought under cultivation.

Andhra Pradesh and odisha states should use irrigation water and drinking water through the construction of the project on the Vamsdhara River at Minajula. This is a previous agreement. It is known that water consumption is done from Gotta Barrage in the state of Andhra Pradesh. However, there are many difficulties in completing the vamsadhara project. The water disputes between the states of andhra pradesh and odisha are still unresolved. If there is a government that solves the problem between these states, the genealogy project will be completed. In the past, Jaganmohan Reddy's efforts in that direction did not get results.

According to official calculations, water can be provided to 2.5 lakh acres through this vamsadhara project. Officials say that by constructing the Neredu barrage on the Vamsdhara project, the vamsadhara Tribunal has also allocated 57.5 tmcs of river water to ap and odisha states equally. Officials of the Central Water Resources Department have also come forward to solve this problem. But these works are not progressing. So if the vamsadhara project is completed in ap, the people of ap want a government that will do good for Uttarandhra.

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