Farmers will be the king of AP..!? River Linking Projects..!?

- If the rivers are connected, Andhra will become the king of agriculture.
- Babu initiated the connection of rivers.
-If they come to power, they will complete the river-linking projects.

AP has many problems with its 9 thousand km long coastline. Especially, ap is in the first place among the states that grow more rice in the country. However, it is noticeable that the yield of raw rice is decreasing. There are especially irrigation water problems in the state which is famous for commercial crops in the coastal districts. On the one hand, there are major rivers like krishna and Godavari, but water problems are not common. Although this is a problem that has been around for decades, the governments have not made a concerted effort to solve it.
As a result, districts are still waiting for water. If this problem is solved, the realization of Andhra Pradesh's dreams is not far away. This requires the linking of rivers. Along with the krishna and Godavari rivers, by connecting other rivers also there is a possibility to increase irrigation water.

At the ferry at Ibrahimpatnam in the suburbs of Vijayawada, the waters of krishna and Godavari were joined in the name of Pavitra Sangam. However, this project has to be carried forward. Not only in this region, if these rivers are connected throughout the state as Comrade Puccala Palli Sundaraya said, the farmer in the state will become the king. The hopeful thing is that Chandrababu has mentioned this matter once or twice in the latest elections. If they come to power, they will complete the river-linking projects. And there is no doubt that this process will depend on the judgment of the people.

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