The ysr congress party is concerned and outraged by the recent circular issued by Andhra Pradesh's chief electoral officer (CEO), mukesh Kumar Meena, which allows for some relaxations in the counting of postal ballots cast for the state's assembly and lok sabha elections.
While the election commission has specific guidelines for counting postal ballots, Meena, acting on opposition party representation, issued a circular on May 25 asking election officers in all districts of andhra pradesh not to reject postal ballots if they do not have the RO's seal on Form 13A, provided the attesting officer has provided all relevant details about his name and designation on that Form.

The CEO stated that if an issue arises during the counting process, the serial number on the postal ballot paper may be validated against the serial number on the counterfoil.
In a letter to the CEO on Tuesday, YSRCP leaders Perni Venkatramaiah alias nani, Meruga Nagarjuna, and lella appi reddy urged that he rescind the circular, which was issued under duress from the telugu Desam Party.
Nani stated that postal ballots might become invalid without the RO's seal.
"Such relaxations would not only create confusion among the counting officials but also lead to clashes within the counting centers if agents raise their objections," he stated.

Y v Subba Reddy, a YSRCP rajya sabha member, stated that the party has planned to file a petition with the state high court if the ECI did not react to its issues over the criteria for counting postal ballots. He wanted to know how the ECI laws, which apply to all states, might be eased in AP.
"Any postal ballot without the seal and signature of the RO should be rejected," he said.
In a letter to chief election commissioner Rajiv Kumar on Wednesday, another YSRCP rajya sabha member, S Niranjan Reddy, criticized the CEO's instructions to collect specimen signatures of attesting officers that could be verified with signatures on postal ballots before they could be allowed.

According to the MP, this would result in the rejection of legal postal ballots, jeopardising the election process's legitimacy.
On May 13, a record amount of 5,39,189 postal ballot votes were cast in andhra pradesh by state government employees, including those assigned for election duties.
The YSRCP leaders are thought to be concerned that state government employees did not vote for their party.


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