Tension is rising among competitors from all political parties as the deadline for counting ballots in the state assembly and lok sabha elections approaches. The election commission of india has made all necessary arrangements for the counting process.
Chief Electoral Officer mukesh Kumar meena informed senior deputy election commissioner Nitish Vyas via video conference that all necessary steps had been taken to ensure the smooth conduct of vote counting.
According to Meena, counting will take 20 rounds in 111 assembly constituencies, 21-24 rounds in another 61, and more than 25 rounds in the remaining three constituencies.

While trends would be available by noon, results would be announced in 111 seats by 2 p.m., another 61 constituencies by 4 p.m., and the last three by 6 p.m.
"The counting of postal ballots would also be accomplished swiftly by expanding the number of tables as needed. Even if the counting of votes polled in EVMs is delayed for any reason, the final result for the entire state will be revealed between 8 and 9 p.m., according to the CEO.

While conceding that there were some cases of post-election violence in various districts, meena stated that all measures will be taken to prevent any violent occurrences on the day of counting in all counting states.
"Instructions have been given to enforce Section 144 near counting centres, and senior officials have been stationed in vulnerable regions. Along with the DGP and other senior police, I went to the violently affected regions and assessed the situation. Under any circumstances, all measures would be taken to maintain peace and order in the state on the day of counting," he stated.

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