Hyderabad did not make the list of India's top ten cities for quality of life. Even major cities like Mumbai, delhi, Kolkata, and chennai were unable to acquire places.
According to the 'Oxford economics Global Cities Index 2024' study published by Oxford economics, the world's independent economic consultancy business, hyderabad ranks 882 internationally in terms of quality of life. The report calculated quality of life using the following six parameters:

1. Life expectancy
2. Income per person
3. Income equality
4. Housing expenditure
5. Recreation and cultural sites
6. Internet speed

List of top 10 cities in india based on quality of life
Based on quality of life, Grenoble, france topped the list of cities in the world. In india, it is topped by Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Following is the list of top 10 cities in india based on quality of life and their global ranking:

1. Thiruvananthapuram: 748
2. Kottayam: 753
3. Thrissur: 757
4. Kollam: 758
5. Kochi: 765
6. Kannur: 768
7. Pondicherry: 782
8. Kozhikode: 783
9. Mangalore: 791
10. Mysore: 804

The report listed cities based on overall ranking, which is calculated based on the following five factors:

1. Economics
2. Human capital
3. Quality of life
4. Environment
5. Governance

Hyderabad ranks 564 globally in overall ranking

In the overall ranking, hyderabad is ranked 564 globally. Among the top 10 cities in india, hyderabad ranks ninth.

Among the four ranking parameters, the city performed best in economics.

Following are Hyderabad’s global rankings based on the four factors:

• Economics: 253
•  Human Capital: 524
•  Quality of Life: 882
•  Environment: 674
•  Governance: 380

Indian cities based on 5 factors

The list of top cities in the country as per the Global Cities Index is topped by delhi with a global rank of 350.

Here is the list of top 10 cities in india and their global rankings:

1. Delhi: 350
2. Bengaluru: 411
3. Mumbai: 427
4. Chennai: 472
5. Kochi: 521
6. Kolkata: 528
7. Pune: 534
8. Thrissur: 550
9. Hyderabad: 564
10. Kozhikode: 580

Globally, the list is topped by New York.

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