On Wednesday, May 29, there was a disturbance in Gajularamaram hamlet in jeedimetla after a wild cat was mistaken for a leopard cub in the community. Locals assumed it was a leopard and ultimately apprehended it. The animal was finally released into the wild, outside of Hyderabad.
The wild cat was prowling around the borders of Khaisernagar when some young people discovered it and chased it. Some youths grabbed images of the animal and posted them on social media about sightings of a leopard cub, luring additional people to the hyderabad area. 
A crew of animal volunteers from hyderabad finally arrived at jeedimetla and grabbed the wild cat, which was lying in a drainage trench. It was packed in a large box and transported to the forest with the assistance of Forest Department staff.
Earlier this month, a leopard was nabbed while wandering about the hyderabad airport in Shamshabad. The leopard was spotted near the rajiv gandhi International (Hyderabad) Leopard airport in shamshabad late saturday night, april 27. Its movements were recorded on CCTV as it attempted to jump over the barrier at the airport's aircraft repair sector. Stay tuned! 

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