The india Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasts that the monsoon will arrive in telangana between june 6 and 9. Before the commencement, light to moderate rainfall is expected throughout the state beginning june 1, providing some relief from the sweltering summer heat.

Hyderabad's rainy season normally lasts from mid-June until October. This season gives much-needed reprieve to inhabitants after a hot summer. "The monsoon is likely to hit kerala between May 31 and june 2 before advancing to telangana," said Dr. A. Shravani, an IMD-Hyderabad scientist.
According to IMD statistics, during last year's southwest monsoon season, hyderabad got 769.5 mm of rainfall, above the usual average of 619.4 mm. Between march 1st and May 29th, the city received 130.4 mm of rain, well above the average of 71.8 mm.

Weather experts expect an early commencement in South telangana, however the monsoon's advance to North and Central telangana may be delayed, with the northern regions perhaps not seeing monsoon conditions until at least june 13.
Temperatures in telangana are forecast to fall to 38-40°C from june 1, with hyderabad dropping to 35-37°C. However, humidity levels are forecast to stay high over the state, along with sporadic thunderstorms.

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