In an interview, Jupudi prabhakar Rao made an unusual observation regarding the campaign he led in the SCs during the just finished elections. He proudly claims to have spearheaded a campaign in which he stated that the bjp wanted 400 seats to eliminate reservations and specifically requested that sc government Employees not vote for the TDP. When he says this, he has a gleeful expression on his face and gladly admits to misleading the public. Regardless of the outcome of the campaign or election, chandrababu naidu should have learned a valuable lesson.

Jupudi was sympathetic to ysr and travelled with jagan after he formed his own party. He instantly joined the tdp following the 2014 elections. Ignoring his own party leaders, Chandrababu appointed Jupudi as Chairman of the andhra pradesh scheduled caste Cooperative Finance Corporation twice. He also received an MLC nomination.

However, immediately following the TDP's defeat in the 2019 elections, he joined the ysr Congress. He is now seen happily speaking on the record about the vicious campaign he launched against the TDP. chandrababu naidu should learn a lesson from the Jupudi event. If Naidu wins the election, he should finally cease promoting defections. He should also establish a policy of no jobs or ministries for defecting leaders. Only leaders who have stuck with the party through thick and thin should be rewarded. There should be no exclusions for political reasons.

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