A few days ago, the legendary NT Ramarao celebrated his 101st birthday. The Stalwart Politician has been gone for more than 28 years, yet his impact on telugu politics is still felt today. The telugu desam party has been through difficult circumstances in the previous five years, including the detention of its President Chandrababu Naidu. However, the party has made a dramatic recovery and is a genuine contender to win the election. Several national media surveys and pollsters anticipate that the tdp will win.

The results will be released on june 4th. Meanwhile, an old newspaper item featuring eenadu is going popular on social media. It was the main page of eenadu on january 7, 1983, with the headline 'Telugudesam Superhit'. It was the first election for NT Ramarao and the TDP. He crushed the congress in Andhra Pradesh.

TDP supporters are sharing the photograph and hoping for a similar headline on june 5th as well. This election was entirely about anti-Jagan, as opposed to anti-Congress in 1983. If chandrababu naidu is re-elected, it would be a welcome relief for Andhra Pradesh, which has been plagued by a lack of cash, growth, and investment during the previous five years.

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