Andhra Pradesh had a voter turnout of 81.86% in the just ended elections. This is around 2% more than what the state registered in the 2019 elections. All of the celebrities' seats - kuppam, pulivendula, Pithapuram, and mangalagiri - had greater voter turnout than the state average.

Surprisingly, it is lower in Balakrishnan's Hindupur. Leaving that aside, there is interest in the outcomes of these seats and the majority that they are projected to achieve. The initial result in these seats will come from Chandrababu Naidu's kuppam or Pawan Kalyan's Pithapuram. The counting in each of these constituencies will take eighteen rounds. The next results will come from Balakrishna's Hindupur, where the counting will be done in nineteen rounds.

Nara Lokesh's mangalagiri counting will take place at mangalagiri, whereas jagan Mohan Reddy's pulivendula will have the most rounds of counting (22). Unless one of these contests goes down to the wire, these rounds are insignificant. Most likely, all of the outcomes will be evident from the word 'Go'. Only after the last round of counting will we know who the majority of these leaders are. Each of these five constituencies is now dealing with a distinct challenge.
In kuppam, Peddireddy sacrificed everything to overcome Chandrababu. It will be fascinating to see if this matters. According to surveys, Naidu's chances are limited to a simple majority. In Pithapuram, pawan kalyan will face his first election setback after losing two seats in 2019. Supporters anticipate a minimum of 40-50K votes this time. Even congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress supporters believe Nara lokesh would win Man Alagiri, after losing the same constituency in 2019.

In Jagan's pulivendula, we'll see if Sharmila's influence will sway the majority. According to a handful of studies, Jagan's majority will suffer significantly this time around. balakrishna believes that if balayya wins again in Hindupur, he would complete a hat trick.


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