The creators of pushpa 2 just released the second track from their film, Sooseki. The song is expected to be similar to the chartbuster 'Saami Saami' from the first segment, thus expectation is strong. First and foremost, Chandrabose's lyrics are excellent, as is her choice of vocalist, Shreya Ghosal. It's encouraging to see the creators apply the images during on-set rehearsals for the Lyrical Video.
The video's atmosphere and dancing motions (composed by Ganesh Acharya) suggest that the visuals will be good. The creators also assured that 'Reels Stuff' would bring the tune to the audience. When the creators launched the promo, the line Sooseki Aggiravva Maadiri Untaade Na Saami did really well. The drum beat at the finish implies that the song will continue on an intense high from there. Surprisingly, the song is actually a melody.

The first part's comparison to Saami Saami is invalid. In reality, Srivalli is the most comparable, as it is a melody with a recurrent beat. However, the song created by DSP has a pleasant mood and leaves us with a positive impression. We'll have to see whether it can live up to the anticipation that the picture is generating in repeat viewings.

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