The recent Bengaluru rave party case brought our society's thriving drug culture back to the forefront. Bengaluru police searched a farmhouse in the Electronic City region last week after getting a tip about a rave party. Aside from detaining a few people, police have confiscated large amounts of narcotics, including cocaine and MDMA. 

Hema, a well-known actress, is also among those implicated in this case. Bengaluru's City Crime Branch police have now handed her another notice, this time requesting that she attend the questioning in Bengaluru on june 1. Hema had already been invited to attend the questioning on May 27. However, she excused herself from the interrogation, claiming to have a viral fever. Even after her name arose in this instance, hema responded with a video in which she refuted the charges. She said she was sitting at a farmhouse in hyderabad and did not travel to Bengaluru to attend a rave party.

However, police verified her presence at the gathering. Her airline tickets to Bengaluru, which were booked previous to the event's date, also leaked on social media. According to reports, her blood tests proved positive for drug use. It remains to be seen if hema will attend the questioning on june 1st or decides to avoid it again. On the other side, notifications were given to the owner of a car with mla Kakani Govardhan's sticker. The automobile was discovered at the farmhouse on the day of the raid.

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