Game Changer's producer, dil Raju's daughter Hanshitha, just confirmed the film's release. dil raju had stated that the movie will be released on diwali in 2024. During her latest visit to Tirumala, Hanshitha stated that they are planning an october 2024 release. However, with NTR's Devara set to release on october 10th, there is conjecture that Game Changer will arrive after the dasara holidays. Even if both films were released two weeks apart in october, it would still be deemed a conflict.

This showdown has the potential to create ripples unlike any other in modern movie office history. It's certain to elicit tremendous enthusiasm from fans, causing a social media frenzy, particularly among ram charan and NTR's devoted fan groups. The current antagonism between their followers, exacerbated by RRR, is going to reach new heights. This is shaping up to be the most exciting and anticipated matchup in quite some time. It will generate a lot of buzz throughout the business.
Game Changer still has about 50 days of filming left. Fans are hoping that the film will be released in october as scheduled. The post-production works of 'Devara' is also happening in full swing. 

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