The Survival of the party will become a question..!?

- MPs and MLAs who changed parties after losing the last election.
- If it loses even in 2024, the party will be largely empty.
- The yellow leaders have no faith.

The telugu Desam party, which was formed with the slogan of self-respect of the telugu nation, is now at a crucial stage. It is a known fact that tdp has faced big challenges in the last five years like never before in its 40-year history. tdp leader Chandrababu has done many things to lead the party to coordinate the workers and leaders. If 23 MLAs won in the last election, four of them directly joined YCP. Out of the remaining 10 people have faced cases.
Will there be an actual party at one stage? Does it blow? Doubts also came to the fore. When a key leader like Chandrababu is in jail, the party has heard the argument that the situation is over. At the same time, the party was dead in Anantapur district due to the dominant trend of seniors. The situation of the party in kurnool was always in a state of crisis due to agitations. At the same time, as a result of the disappearance of the leaders, as a result of the fear of the government, the party programs did not advance in many districts.

Like this, a constant challenge for five years, the party moved ahead with many problems. Everyone thinks that now there is a need for the party to win in this background. Only when this is won, the party will once again regain its former glory. Observers say that if Kanuka loses now, the party is almost in doubt. As Chandrababu is old enough to survive the party for the next five years, he may not have the opportunity to visit all the districts in the future. There may not even be a situation where nara lokesh will take leadership at the field level. It is not surprising that the key leaders say good things to the party. Due to this, the party's programs are lacking. The party is not moving forward, it is a fact that we have to face many difficulties. At the same time, efforts to merge the party can be made. Overall, if the party does not succeed now, the survival of the party will become a question.

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