Terrorist threat to India-Pakistan match..!?

 The t20 world cup cricket series is going to be held on june 2nd in America and West Indies. Preparations for this are currently underway. In this situation, the India-Pakistan match, which the world is waiting for, will be held in New York on the 9th. A separate ground has been created for this purpose. Due to the run rate, india lost the semi-final chance, and the ticket price for the India-Pakistan match will be as high as 16 lakh rupees. While so many special arrangements are being made for this match, there is a deadlock at present.
In other words, there is a threat of a terrorist attack in the match between india and Pakistan. It is said to be more likely to be an individual attack rather than a group. In foreign countries, an individual usually goes to a crowded area and is stabbed to death. The police will arrest them as mentally ill. It is reported that only one such attack will be conducted this time. This has created a lot of confusion among the players. In this situation, the ICC has explained about this, not only for the India-Pakistan match but for all the matches held in New York, serious security arrangements have been made. The ICC also said that an additional 100 security officers will be deployed and each fan will be allowed into the stadium after checking. The ICC said that not only the stadium but also around the stadium, each area like parking will be provided with separate security, and the US officials have assured to conduct this tournament without any problem. It has also been reported that there is no need for any fans to be afraid of this.

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