In a new interview, priyanka Chopra's mother expressed her thoughts on some of the biggest bollywood stars with whom her daughter has worked. While praising salman khan and Ranbir Kapoor, she described akshay kumar and Shah Rukh Khan as 'businessmen'.
In an interview with Filmygyan, Madhu Chopra was asked to describe some of the most famous bollywood stars. While calling amitabh bachchan "the most revered person in the industry," she also described salman khan as a "true gentleman." When asked about akshay kumar and Shah Rukh Khan, she referred to them as 'businessman'.

She also discussed Priyanka's other co-stars, including ranveer singh and Ranbir Kapoor. She referred to Singh as a 'fun guy' and expressed fondness for Ranbir Kapoor, saying, "As a person, I know him to be a very good son." She also described alia bhatt as a'soothing' person.

Earlier, Madhu Chopra stated that priyanka chopra was in tears when she received the first film offer and refused to participate. "She received the offer for the South indian film from someone. When I told priyanka about the offer, she burst into tears and stated, 'I am not doing films.' However, she has always been an obedient child. "When I told her to accept the offer, she agreed and signed the contract," she explained in the same interview.
Priyanka will next appear in 'Heads of State' starring Idris Elba and john Cena. priyanka recently flew to australia to film 'The Bluff', which was produced by the Russo Brothers' AGBO Studios and amazon MGM Studios.

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