Due to continuous building rubbish dumping, Lake Shah Hatam, which borders the golconda Fort and was historically a key water source for golconda and the neighbouring areas, is getting smaller. Residents fear that if dumping doesn't stop, the lake's invasion will get worse. Residents claim that building debris is still being dumped around the lake without being caught. This has continued for months, getting worse during the last two months as a result of officials' focus on the Model Code of Conduct and the lok sabha elections.

Tight ghmc restrictions haven't stopped construction trash from being illegally deposited, typically at night, despite past attempts by authorities to protect the historically valuable lake. The issue of construction trash dumping endures in spite of city authorities' stringent prohibitions, since new rubbish piles are frequently seen. I think that because there has been less government oversight, land sharks have had an opportunity to gradually deplete the lake by disposing of building debris.

This vast lake has already suffered encroachment onto its banks over the past several decades, a local activist told The Hans India, speaking on condition of anonymity. Stay tuned for more updates.

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