The actress is said to have accepted money from the Show Stopper producers in exchange for bringing in certain well-known bollywood actors. Due to this, producers MH Films filed a charge against digangana suryavanshi for major forms of deception, including inducement and criminal breach of trust, under sections 420 and 406 of the indian Penal Code.

The show's director, manish Harishankar, reportedly filed a police report against Suryavanshi, which revealed the following: "During the making and after the completion of the said web series, the proposed accused kept telling me that she knows superstars like Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, and salman khan, and as she has personal relations with them, she would be in a position to rope in such popular actors to be the presenters of the said web series initially." This information was disclosed by News18 Showsha.

The director further disclosed that they had flown to Ajmer, where Digangana reportedly seized an iPAd from them on the premise of Akshay Kumar, and that he has yet to return it. "The iPad that had all of the web series' video was carried by my editor. She insisted that he turn in the iPad containing all 16 of the web series' episodes. Subsequently, she instructed my editor to wait outside the hotel room, stating that she would be going alone to meet with Akshay Kumar. She then took the iPad away from my team under the guise of displaying web series video, and she hasn't given it back to us as of yet, he said.

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