Will the indian team go to Pakistan..!?

ICC Champions Trophy 2025 will be held in Pakistan. The competitions will start in february next year. The international Cricket Council (ICC) is all set to host the Champions Trophy in pakistan next year. Preparations for this have already started. According to reports, the tournament will start on february 19, 2025, and the final will be held on march 9. While the schedule for these matches is yet to be confirmed, the Champions Trophy is expected to be held over a total of 20 days. In the last Champions Trophy 2017 final, pakistan defeated india and won the trophy. The match was held at the london Oval.As the Champions Trophy matches are going to be held in pakistan, there is a question whether the indian team will go there. It is doubtful that the bcci will send the indian team to pakistan when the feud between the two countries is still unresolved. Last year's Asia Cup was also originally planned to be held in pakistan, but after india refused to travel to pakistan, the tournament was held in Sri Lanka. Therefore, only matches played by india can be held in dubai unless bcci sends an indian team.

The pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has planned to host all the matches played by the indian team at the stadium in Lahore. The indian team last visited pakistan in 2008. He never went there to play even once after that. The top eight teams from the 2023 ODI world cup qualify for the Champions Trophy. Accordingly, india, pakistan, Australia, England, New Zealand, south africa, Afghanistan, and bangladesh are the teams to play.

Australia has been the most successful team in the Champions Trophy so far, having won the trophy twice. Also, south africa, New Zealand, West Indies, india, and pakistan have won the trophy once each. pakistan will be hosting this tournament for the first time in its history. Originally scheduled to take place in 2008, it was shifted to south africa due to security concerns. While the pakistan team has come to india to play in the 2023 ODI world cup, now many are expecting whether india will go to pakistan to play in the Champions Trophy.

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