Kalki 2898AD Trailer: An Undefeated prabhas in the battle..!!

prabhas, Nag Ashwin's sci-fi movie "Kalki 2898AD" is being made by the combination of audience expectations. It seems that this movie will be about a new adventurer linked to Hindu Maithali. The recently released trailer of this movie has further increased those expectations. With the release of the trailer, more clarity is coming about the movie. The trailer starts with Rajendra Prasad's dialogues saying that Kasi, the first city on this earth, is also the last city. amitabh bachchan is seen in the role of ashwathama and deepika padukone is playing the role of Padmavati in this movie. As seen in the trailer, the main focus is the emotional clash between Aswatthama and Bhairava to save the pregnant Padmavati. The visuals in the action scenes are not ordinary and the trailer shows that this movie will be hollywood level. It is clear that director Nag Ashwin has crafted every frame with utmost effort and care. The reason behind vyjayanthi movies spending around 600 crore rupees on this project is clear after watching this trailer. While rajendra prasad will be seen in a special role in the film, kamal haasan will entertain with a different makeover. The visuals and scenes shown in the trailer increase the excitement of the audience. The movie will be released worldwide on june 27. After the release of the trailer, the expectations of the audience have increased. "Kalki 2898AD" is going to be a very important project both technically and content-wise. Prabhas' acting, Nag Ashwin's direction, huge budget, and amazing visuals combine this movie to be a huge hit. Just by watching the trailer of "Kalki 2898AD" it is clear in what range the expectations of the movie are. It can be said that the film created a sensation at the box office on the first day.

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