The food safety department's task force team has been conducting raids at several restaurants in the districts of Mahbubnagar, nizamabad, and nalgonda, and they have found a number of food safety-related issues.


A recent health and safety inspection at Sri Sumadhura Bar & Restaurant in nalgonda found many infractions. The group discovered that prepared foods were incorrectly stored, increasing the danger of cross-contamination. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods were kept in the same refrigerator. The restaurant was found to have poor hygiene standards, with open trash cans next to prepared food and a cleaning station next to the cooking area in the kitchen.

A second examination revealed that balaji Grand Family Garden The group discovered that artificial food colouring was being utilised when preparing food. Furthermore, it was determined that two kilogrammes of coloured chicken mandi pieces and five kilogrammes of boiling rice that were kept in the refrigerator were dangerous and were thrown out.
The cooking area was found to have inadequate hygiene, particularly as it was open to the outside air. It was discovered that the restaurant's food handlers were not wearing the proper safety equipment, such as aprons and hairnets, which are crucial for upholding food cleanliness. A major health risk was also presented by the fact that both cooked and raw food products were kept open and exposed to houseflies.
The workers at New Jail Mandi Restaurant found that artificial food colouring was being utilised throughout the meal preparation process. After more examination, it was discovered that several raw materials—like fried onions, corn flour, green chilli sauce and continental sauce—had incorrect labels. These items were disposed away.
It was discovered that the restaurant's cooking area was exposed to the outside and lacked the necessary barriers to keep out dust, flies, and other pests. In addition, food handlers were seen working without the necessary protective clothing, such as aprons, gloves, or hair caps, and there were noticeably missing pest control documents and food handler medical fitness certifications.

As the raids continue, the crew discovered that the cauliflower, carrot, tomato, and lemon that were used for cooking in Hotela Kapila were fungus-infested. These vegetables were immediately thrown out.

Additionally, it was discovered that the cooking area lacked hygiene and had indications of bug infestation. During the examination, expired food products were also discovered and disposed of. The group also saw messy walls and floors, as well as several sections with standing water.

The crew found that cooked food products at Aroma Family Kitchen, a restaurant in nizamabad Town, were coloured artificially. Furthermore, it was discovered that the chicken was kept in the refrigerator without a covering.

Additionally, it was noted that the establishment's food workers were not wearing gloves or other necessary protective clothing, which is crucial for upholding hygienic standards. Furthermore, food items that were vegetarian and non-vegetarian were kept in the same storage area.


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