All of Andhra Pradesh—aside from the districts of srikakulam and Parvathipuram Manyam—has been affected by the southwest monsoon. The absence of monsoon troughs in the Bay of bengal caused the monsoon to become slow, even though it arrived early on june 2. "To cover the entirety of Andhra Pradesh, another week will be needed." IMD director S. Stella stated that although north coastal Andhra is still dry, rayalaseema is currently seeing moderate thundershowers.

According to her, the monsoon's northern boundary now crosses vizianagaram and the adjacent territories, and over the next two days, ideal circumstances should allow the southwest monsoon to continue moving forward and reach other regions of the north Arabian sea, south Gujarat, and Maharashtra. There is still a shear zone roughly along 18°N, which is now visible at elevations of 3.1-20.8 km above mean sea level. Because of this, isolated areas along the coastal regions of Andhra, Yanam, and rayalaseema in the north and south are expected to suffer severe rainfall.

Strong winds that can reach 30 to 40 km/h are probably over these similar locations. Rain is expected to persist till june 14 according to the IMD forecast. Pakala, Guntur, Macherla, and Nandyal all saw 1.6 cm of rain in the previous day. The state-wide average daytime temperature stayed at 36 degrees Celsius.

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