The hyderabad police are working hard at analyzing the traffic conditions in school zones and devising strategies to improve traffic flow as the schools are about to reopen this week. The start of the new school year is scheduled for this Wednesday, and because of the concentration of schools in such regions of the city, there is typically heavy traffic in those places.

Traffic supervisors have directed inspectors to visit these locations and take action to improve traffic flow as soon as the schools reopen. "Our staff has previously been to school zones, identified parking lots, and locations where traffic officers are required. After assessing the traffic situation, any necessary adjustments to the plans will be made, according to a senior traffic police officer.
The traffic police have identified several locations with a high concentration of educational institutions, including Secunderabad, Abids, Nampally, Narayanguda, Himayatnagar, Khairatabad, Gunfoundary, Chikkadpally, rtc crossroads, Falaknuma, Shahalibanda, etc.

"To improve traffic around the schools, our staff will be reassigned for about an hour after the kids depart for home. In some regions, assistance from local law enforcement officers is also requested, the official stated.
Before now, the traffic police had requested that school administrators in high-traffic regions adopt staggered schedules to reduce traffic jams. The majority of school administrators accepted the idea and adjusted the school schedule.

However, the campaign is not succeeding as planned, according to the traffic authority, as more and more families choose private transport for their kids and as enrollment at schools sharply rises.
Once the students get used to the new academic year, the traffic police also want to restart the traffic awareness activities at the educational institutions in July.


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