The government in congress is considering raising the price of spirits, so your drink will probably grow more expensive. Well-placed sources claim that talks have started and that the proposition was made last week. This would be the first price increase by the congress government since it was elected to power in december of last year, and the third in the previous five years. The previous BRS government last increased the cost of beer and all varieties of indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) in 2022.

Previous to that, in May 2020, not long after the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, the kcr government raised the rates. According to sources, licensing and registration costs for businesses and distilleries will also be included in the price increase, which will not only affect alcohol. "A clear picture about the price revision will emerge after a few more deliberations by authorities and only after this, the telangana State Beverages Corporation will come into the picture," according to a source.

Despite only making Rs 10,000 crore in its first year of state establishment (2014), the state has made more than Rs 30,000 crore from spirits in recent years. In the state, there are around 500 brands available. The previous BRS government somewhat lowered the rates last year, just before the assembly elections. 

The Special Excise Cess (SEC) rates on IMFL and foreign spirits (apart from beer) have been reduced from Rs 10 to Rs 40 for varying amounts, as per the recommendation of TSBC. In a separate event, after accusations against the spirits company, the state government canceled Som Distilleries and Breweries' registration procedure. Accusations against the Som Distilleries and Breweries included selling illegal alcohol in other states, among other infractions. According to a source, "The excise department hurriedly started the registration process, but it has since been quietly canceled."

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