Unquestionably, glam queen samantha Ruth Prabhu is the new face of Tollywood's female-focused film industry. A distributor said, "She is the undeniable queen of female-centric films. She has amassed a sizable market of over Rs 25 crore plus, which is comparable to a few telugu heroes." Samantha's influence has spread to kollywood and Bollywood, and she still exudes charm in Tollywood. 
Her market share across digital, satellite, and theatre platforms has surpassed Rs 25 crores globally, making her the highest-paid actress in Tollywood, according to a distributor. "She was inspired to start her own production company to produce films after realizing the strength of her fan base," the distributor continues.
To boost her in-house production, she also launched her production company by starring in "Maa Inti Bangaram." "She just turned down an offer from a telugu producer who promised her a substantial salary and a cut of the earnings. However, he notes that after more than ten years as an actor, she chose to strike out on her own and start her new career as a filmmaker. According to the first poster, samantha is emerging as a leading lady of women-focused cinema and is set to display her fiery side. He ends by saying, "She had done some action scenes in Yashoda and is attempting to do a full-fledged angry role in Bangaram."

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