Following the swearing-in of the Union cabinet on Monday, tdp chief N chandrababu naidu returned to amaravati from delhi and turned his attention to the creation of the andhra pradesh government. On june 12, he is expected to take the oath of office as Andhra Pradesh's chief minister. Naidu desires to complete the process of selecting his ministers before to his inauguration. 

There is a big list of candidates, and the tdp head can accommodate up to 25 ministers. He needs to strike a balance between the objectives of his supporters, the bjp and Jana Sena, and his experience, caste, and regional ambitions. Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Jana Sena, may become a deputy chief minister in the government and have a prominent responsibility like Home.

Naidu is expected to have just one deputy chief minister, in contrast to the five deputy chief ministers in the previous YSRCP cabinet, who represented different socioeconomic groups. It has been discovered that pawan kalyan turned down the chance to join the Union government in order to secure a larger position for his party in the state cabinet.

Two or three seats in the andhra pradesh cabinet might go to the BJP. The future ministry aspirations of Nara lokesh, Naidu's son, are also keenly observed. During Naidu's final term, lokesh held the position of IT minister from 2014 to 2019.

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