According to reports, Kamakshi Palya police have detained kannada actor Darshan in relation to a murder case. He has reportedly been detained in relation to the death of Renuka Swamy, a guy who was accused of sending pornographic texts to actress Pavithra Gowda. Ten persons in all have been taken into custody.
Renuka Swamy, the deceased, was a resident of Chitradurga and worked in a medical supply store. The corpse was found on Saturday, although he was slain a month ago. According to tv media sources, Renuka Swamy is said to have been slain by Darshan's bouncers while he was there, and the corpse was disposed of in Kamakshi Palya, where he lives. The body was being eaten by dogs when it was found. After seeing, a security guard from an adjacent flat called the police.

Law enforcement reached out quickly and made contact using his Call Detail Records (CDR). They were able to access his social media accounts as well, and it was discovered that he had sent Pavithra Gowda derogatory messages. Rumours had suggested that Darshan had an extramarital romance with Pavithra Gowda. The wife of kannada star Darshan, Vijaya lakshmi, has taken a hard stance against Pavithra Gowda following her contentious instagram post.

Darshan's wife retaliated with the photos of Pavithra with another man named Sanjay Singh. The former questioned the "moral standing" of the latter. "I hope this woman has to come into her senses before posting somebody else's husband picture,it talks about her character and moral standing, knowing that the man is married she still choose to come and stay for their own personal needs and agenda... These images clearly show kushi gowda is the daughter of Pavithra and sanjay Singh....I generally don't take social media to raise voice over personal issues but I feel now it's time to raise my voice in the best interest of my family.... Will take strict legal action against people who are trying to give a different image to the entire society. @ Sanjaysingh @ Khushigowda @shaanvisamsuri pavithra Gowda," Vijaya lakshmi said in her post.

According to this message, Darshan and Pavithra have been dating for ten years. She posted a video of her daughter Khushi's birthday party on instagram in november 2024, in which Darshan can be seen dancing and cutting cake with her. Later on, Darshan was spotted with his spouse Vijaya Lakshmi.

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