Disha Patani is hugely popular on social media, yet nobody thinks she's an actress. Although she's not a horrible actress, it's sad that people don't think highly of her as a performer. Disha is often linked to glamour and hotness. She has even only been cast in stupid flowerpot heroine parts in films like baaghi 2, Radhe, and Bharat.
She is now paired with prabhas in kalki 2898 AD. A few hours after the film's trailer was published, disha patani isn't getting a lot of nice feedback on social media. people are already presuming that she will play a villain after watching the teaser. Her only significant contribution to the plot will be a few romantic song-and-dance scenes with prabhas in gorgeous settings. Many believe her sole purpose in the movie is to provide glitz.

But it's important to keep in mind that nag ashwin isn't a filmmaker who inserts people into the script for the sole purpose of doing so. Therefore, individuals ought to hold off on making judgements before doing so. Who knows, maybe Disha may wow the crowd in kalki 2898 AD with a respectable performance. After all, even the most underappreciated performers may shine under the direction of a great filmmaker.

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