Samantha has awakened her spiritual side. The actress has always been an outspoken supporter of wellness and self-care techniques. She's managed to get away from the insanity of this planet now. How? By going to the Isha Foundation, a yogic retreat founded by Sadhguru, in search of "knowledge," "wisdom," and "peace." 
She shared a set of photos from her visit to the tranquil grounds in coimbatore on Instagram. samantha took a moment to put her job obligations on hold and joined the group of people who were enjoying the quiet and peaceful road. She meditated and enjoyed spending time in nature. She also included grazing the animals and taking in the scenery as part of her program. She seemed to be enjoying every second of the rural surroundings as she did so with a smile.
In a thoughtful note, samantha wrote, “So many of us search for a Guru or mentor. When you find one with the intensity, perception, and compassion to light up your life, it is a rare privilege. If you want a piece of wisdom, you have to search in the world. Because everyday things are being thrown at you, it's become easy. You're thinking... You're thinking this is normal. This is not normal.
You must work hard for it. And just knowing is not enough. Implementation of this knowledge is what truly matters. Guru.” She added a prayer hand emoji and tagged Sadhguru and Isha Foundation to the post.  

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