Yesterday saw the release of the much-awaited trailer for kalki 2898 AD, starring Prabhas, amitabh bachchan, and deepika Padukone. This excited the moviegoers. Although deepika Padukone's participation in the production garnered notice, opinions on her representation were divided, especially when it came to her dubbing.

Her telugu accent was extensively mocked on social media by users who thought it lacked authenticity. The dubbing and graphics by disha patani also appeared out of sync. On the other hand, amitabh Bachchan's dubbing was praised for its excellence. There were still unanswered questions concerning Deepika's motivations. Was the dubbing manner intentional, or was her character supposed to be ignorant in Telugu?

According to a different viewpoint, Deepika's unusual telugu accent could be deliberate, representing how language changes over time in the film's apocalyptic scenario. The story of the film, which takes place 800 years in the future, leaves room for notable language changes. Deepika's representation in this setting might be interpreted as a conscious decision to illustrate the evolution of spoken language throughout generations.

Rather than seeing it as a mere defect in her acting, one may perceive it as a deliberate choice meant to further enhance the realism and complexity of the future setting shown in the movie. It can be too soon to make a decision, giving leeway for interpretation and the benefit of the doubt. After the film opens on june 27th, viewers may be able to make a better decision on this.

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