For several weeks, the gang had been inflicting havoc on the neighborhoods of Hayatnagar, Vanasthalipuram, RC Puram, and Ameenpur. They were notorious for their quick raids and violent methods. Seen on security cameras, the Dhar gang's masked members break into houses between 4 a.m. and midnight, taking goods and causing havoc in their wake. Rachakonda police increased their alertness in response to the growing threat, stepping up night patrols and notifying locals.

Originating in the madhya pradesh district of Dhar, the Dhar gang used a complex network to elude police enforcement and spread their operations to many districts in both madhya pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The Dhar area, well-known for its illicit arms trade and smuggling operations, contributed to the gang's equipment and tactics.

During the day, the gang carefully inspects potential targets, hiding in the neighboring forests, and moving suspiciously in shared autorickshaws. When homeowners reject their attempts at breaking into homes, they use violence to bypass direct entrance points by climbing the walls of the property. Caught on surveillance cameras, the masked members of the Dhar gang strike homes between midnight and 4 am, stealing valuables and leaving chaos in their wake

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