On Friday, november 19, 2021, chandrababu naidu, the chief minister, made it plain on the house floor that he would only return to the assembly in his capacity as Chief Minister. That day, chandrababu naidu left the assembly in protest at the extremely offensive comments made about his family members by members of the then-ruling party. 

The members of the ruling party and the then-leader of the house even made fun of Chandrababu Naidu's grave concerns. Declaring that this is a Kourava Sabha rather than an honourable house, he stormed out of the assembly, promising to return only as a house of great respect. For the fourth time, chandrababu naidu, the chief minister of the State, is proudly present at the proceedings. Naidu did not join the house after november 19, 2021.

It is with pride that chandrababu naidu enters the assembly gates on Friday, backed by 164 (163+1) members. He later took the oath of office to serve as a legislator. chandrababu naidu took the oath from gorantla butchaiah chowdary, the pro tem speaker. In the assembly, ministers K Atchennaidu and Nara Lokesh, deputy chief minister Pawan Kalyan, and other leaders took the oath of office.

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