It has been discovered that a widely shared social media video featuring a young man lying in front of a passing bus on yousufguda Main Road and the bus passing over him is a hoax.
The edited video, which at first glance appeared to be a risky publicity attempt for social media, showed the adolescent abruptly falling to the ground to escape colliding with the bus. As soon as X users voiced their concerns about such dangerous behaviors in the chase of online popularity that can perhaps damage others as well, the video garnered attention and debate.
The internet users also demanded that individuals in question face consequences from the government.
Issuing a clarification over the incident, Managing director of the telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TGSRTC), VC Sajjanar, tweeted on X: “This video that is going viral on social media is fake. This is a fully edited video. Some people are editing videos like this to be popular on social media. It is not a good practice to try to tarnish the image of RTC. There is a danger of others imitating these types of unintended actions done for likes and comments. Edited videos that are made for fun can also cause harm to others.”

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