Bollywood fans were ecstatic to learn that Shah Rukh Khan and samantha Ruth Prabhu were working with rajkumar hirani, but at this point, it seems too good to be true. Rajkumar Hirani's close friends have categorically refuted the claims, claiming that the director is presently working on his next movie. The insider went on to say that there had been no project-related conversations with Shah Rukh or Samantha.
Even worse, the insider dismissed the notion that the stars would work together on an unnamed action-adventure patriotic film, labeling the reports as entirely false and unfounded. The source clarified that the director never even met samantha and they wonder who cooks such baseless news.
Allegations were circulating that Shah Rukh Khan might work with another South actress following Nayanthara. Rumors were circulating that samantha Ruth Prabhu and she had signed with SRK next. Furthermore, rumors also stated that Shah Rukh and rajkumar hirani were getting back together after Dunki. 
More information regarding the action-adventure-patriotic movie was anticipated. It was described as such. Dunki, directed by rajkumar hirani, was Shah Rukh Khan's final film. The movie made 500 cores at the global box office and did well at the box office. In 2023, Shah Rukh Khan made his long-awaited return with his third film.

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