Most of the individuals, who definitely want to invest in stocks, given the rich returns they provide, are unaware about how to start and where to invest. Arvind Bajaj Money Rain Financial Services (ABMR), a financial services company having its office in Surat, Gujarat, has taken up this task of easing the dilemma of common man in stock market investment. This financial services company started in 2016 under the leadership of Mr. Arvind Bajaj, a stock market analyst, is already creating waves among the investors due to the high rate of returns fetched by the investments. Customers, who avail the services of ABMR, get real-time updates of everyday rallies, new stock suggestions, profit booking and sharing of thoughts and patience, which is all crucial for sustaining in the stock market. The working model of ABMR provides two types of services, one is free guidance and the other is premium guidance for stock market investment and long-term goals.

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Arvind Bajaj, the founder of Arvind Bajaj Rain Financial Services, has been a renowned Indian stock market analyst, who is followed by numerous equity investors across the length and breadth of the country as well as from around the globe. He has been one of the most popular boarders on the Moneycontrol forum. He even runs a website and has more than 2.5 lakh followers on his Facebook page. His views on stocks and his positive thought process about mind power and money rain are followed and admired by all. He tells us, “Being a stock analyst and a consultant in the Money Control stock market forum helped me immensely to know the vagaries of the stock market. I have been actively involved in stock investments since 2001 and the initial years were spent in getting to learn the technical analysis and research of stocks. Each person should study about the company before he invests in it. Stock investing and profit booking is a gradual process and there should be no hurry anytime. At ABMR Financial Services, we try to unburden the task of stock investments for our customers and we invest sensibly in the market so that they reap the profits of their hard-earned money. We give suggestions on each aspect of the stock market so that the investors know well where they are investing. We will continue to be transparent as far as investments are concerned so that we gain the trust of our esteemed customers and followers.


About ABMR

What started as a personal study for Arvind Bajaj in 2001, in the form of stock investments, played a crucial role in building a solid base and knowing the nitty-gritty of the Indian market. Basically a renowned textile businessman in Surat, Mr. Arvind Bajaj, slowly started to get the grip of share market and he eventually started doling out free advice to friends and people in the MoneyControl message board. He started gaining recognition as a trusted man for investments and gathered more and more followers who started to make profits through his market analysis and suggestions. He started Arvind Bajaj Money Rain Financial Services in the year 2016 to tutor his customers and help them by providing positive thoughts on the share market moves. Currently, the company is growing exponentially and continues to fuel the aspirations of a million investors of the stock market. Money invested wisely will surely reap rich dividends and ABMR is a true proof of it.  

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