1 kg mushroom Rs. 1.5 lakhs..!? Most Expensive variety..!?

Mushrooms are said to be one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. It is often considered one of the diet foods that help in weight loss. Thus, among the mushrooms added to the dishes, some types of mushrooms are more expensive than other mushrooms in the world. In this post, we will look at one such expensive type of mushroom, the Matsutake mushroom. This type of mushroom is grown in the Korean Peninsula, China, and the United States. These matsutake mushrooms are only available in autumn. Also, very tasty. In japan, the number of matsutake mushroom-growing areas is decreasing, and the price of this type of mushroom is rising. What makes matsutake mushrooms special is their fragrance. It is loved by all because of its aroma and meaty character. Mushrooms are one of the foods that vegetarians eat. It is said that these types of mushrooms are also liked by them. Matsutake mushrooms cost 500 dollars per pound. This equates to an indian value of Rs. 41,708 rupees.
Also, if we calculate the price per kg of this mushroom, it will be Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.5 lakhs. What do matsutake mushrooms taste like?: To describe the taste of this type of mushroom, people use words that describe the flavors of saltiness and cinnamon. When added to a dish, this type of mushroom is said to change the flavor of other ingredients. The supply of matsutake mushrooms is declining in japan because the forests where they grow, mainly red pine trees, are being destroyed by an invasive worm called the pinewood nematode. This worm comes from North America and damages natural habitats. As a result, Japan's annual harvest of matsutake mushrooms has dropped to less than 1000 metric tons.
These types of mushrooms can be found in the seasonal gift baskets that business owners of these mushrooms give to their customers. This type of mushroom is used to prepare dishes such as sukiyaki, which is made with dashi, sake, mirin, and sugar. Also, matsutake gohan, which is made with mirin, soy sauce, sake, and kombu dashi, is used to make steamed rice dishes. These types of mushrooms have a unique taste, so people usually use them a lot in cooking. They are often thinly sliced and added to hot soups, and some serve it with steamed rice.

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