How did the two-paisa candy company go from being unknown to being widely recognized?

RAJASTHAN: Hearing about such success stories can serve as motivation for others who have tried their hand at different endeavors but have failed. Such a success story this is. Among Indians, Haldirams is a well-known snack brand.

Starting with the large supermarkets, we can always locate Haldiram snacks. This is the fascinating tale of how Haldirams grew from a tiny shop to a well-known brand.

Ganga Bishan Aggarwal learns how to make snacks from his aunt in 1937 in Bikaner, Rajasthan. He begins to market the foods he has mastered to consumers. He puts "Dunker Save" on his snack names. Because of this, the locals refer to the well-known ganga Bishan Agarwal as Haldiram. Later on, Agarwal opens a store under this name. All around Rajasthan, people adore the Poojya that he sells at his business. Poojia was first offered for two rupees per kilogram. Price adjusts by 25 paise when demand rises. With time, the company grew, and Haldiram's Snakes stores sprouted throughout Rajasthan. Following this, outlets are opened in India's largest cities, including Delhi, Kolkata, and Nagpur.

Haldirams's breakthrough came when they began offering snacks in packages for sale in grocery stores and dining establishments. They also established factories in large towns for this. Presently, it offers more than 500 different product categories, including ready-to-eat, savory, and sweet items. These snacks are selling extremely well not just in india but also in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan. At the moment, Haldirams is selling its goods in rivalry with international firms like Britannia. In FY 2024, the company brought in Rs 14,500 crore. Over the last five years, their company has expanded by 18% yearly. They typically turn a profit on their products of between 14 and 15 percent.

Right now, Blackstone and two other significant indian equity fund companies are getting ready to purchase Haldirams. It has come to light that these businesses are prepared to purchase a 70% share in the business. The Economic Times claims that this might raise Haldirams' worth to seventy thousand crores. In 2023, Tata Group made an attempt to purchase it, but the deal fell through.

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